Playing Chicken

Playing Chicken: Three chickens, one is black, one is brown, and one is fluffy and white.To a quadrillion cell sapient collective living its life in the icy heart of a comet, decoding a digital signal was easy. Human images were compiled, organized, and deeply analyzed. The Collective drew from their observations three conclusions:

Humans run their planet. Humans eat everything. To live on Earth, we must either eat or be eaten.

The Collective processed information much like a slime mold. The data was shared; an algorithm truncated a decision; The Collective took the most efficient path.

The first decision: To eat everything, humans must first eat us.

Tuna was chosen as a primary host because of sushi: Sushi was served raw, kept chilled, and eaten in abundance. The sapient collective thought they understood eating. Their dead fed three bacteria species that shielded them in two layers above and one below their strata. In turn they ate the dead bacteria from both strata. Feeling prepared, they nudged their comet into a decades long decaying orbit to Earth.

They made their decision based on one misunderstanding: While there was a company that called tuna ”Chicken of the Sea” chicken were not, conversely, ‘tuna of the land.’ Their journey ended as the core of the comet hit the water supply of a chicken farm. The Collective took control of the chickens even though the creatures seemed to share few commonalities with tuna. The Collective had never been eaten. Every time chickens were slaughtered, The Collective would experience death first as a chicken, and also when the meat was grilled, fried, or barbecued.


They ran west, straight for the ocean, desperate to become chickens of the sea. Over a million chickens drowned. The Collective became part of every scavenger that feasted on their remains. Sharks, crabs, birds, and fish. The Collective became masters of land, sea, and air. They became absorbed in the experience of living and dying. Spread across many species, its intelligence became disassociated. The once vibrant collective mind became a headless god, forever trying to compose its thoughts.




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