The Path

The Path: Short trees along a brick wall leading into the Fairy LandBushes grew along the wall of an unused research facility. The grounds were perfectly tended. If you walked inside the bushes, the brick wall would turn to primrose hedges and the path would never end. Forward and back could take days. The path was a strange secret. You were drawn to walk it or going to forget about it.

One time Jessie walked from morning until sunset, slept on the chill path, and came back to tell Skyler stories of flickering lights dancing in a patchy mist just on the other side of the bushes. Jessie nearly got suspended for missing a day of school because two days on the path had turned into three. Summer vacation came, and Jessie felt an itch to show the lights to Skyler.

“Let’s hike in for two nights. See if we’re gone five days.” Skyler said.

Jessie carried the food, Skyler the sleeping bags. The two of them hiked into the marsh, to the building, to the path, and set out. In a few minutes, the brick turned to hedges, and the two walked for hours. Jessie wanted to kiss, Skyler wanted more. Because Skyler asked sweetly, Jessie and Skyler went all the way. The two dressed as the sun set while strange white lights danced beyond the bushes.

Jessie thoughtlessly mouthed off an idea. “Has anybody stepped through the bushes, I wonder?”

“Off the path? Let’s try it.”

Skyler clung to Jessie and stepped between the trunks of two bushes. The path was lost to misty forest and flickering lights. The lights grew into Fay: Dark skinned hume with unruly hair that flew on clear wings of light. The Fay were beautiful, sexual, kind. Skyler and Jessie could not feel fear. The two lived, loved, and died in an orgy engrossing body and mind. When they woke, Jessie and Skyler dug through the dried bone of their once warm skulls. Children of the Fay on wings of light, the two were never to part again.

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