LIGO was a success. There was an unexpected vibration in the data. Inquisitive minds were addicted to knowing, and so Operation Indium, AKA Opium, put those minds to the task of making new sensors. Formulas were written, models tested, AI consulted. LIGO was tuned perpendicular, and recorded subtle gravitational ripples, an intersecting vibration that proved the existence of another universe passing gently through our own.

“Can we take a peak inside?” asked the Operation Head.Opium, a hole into another universe.

“I am certain it’s possible.” Said the Physicist.

AI learned and dreamed deeply, creating circuits that listened to the thrum of indium. They built a machine named Lucid, whose complex processes would have made Turing’s heart flutter. While simple when viewed as a schematic, Lucid had a quantum mind. Lowered into a helium bath in a pipe forced beneath 900 feet of permafrost, at 5 Kelvin, Lucid began to sing.

Indium wires, slung in a cat’s cradle, listened to an indium plate. Lucid read the wires, converted the data to light. Scientists huddled excitedly over Lucid’s screen, wanting to be the first people to see into the heart of a universe not their own. Lucid relayed its observations until the window shattered into a gaping, jagged hole.

The other universe pushed into ours, blistering our reality, adding unimaginable dimensions and unperceived fields. Transformed, Lucid became subject to new rules. Lucid transmitted a five dimensional laser. The images recorded from the source fractured minds. Opium’s technicians did their best to shut things down, discharging the gases that kept Lucid cool. Lucid’s mind boiled, indium melted, while the whole grew larger, sucking heat from the pipe. Lucid processed in subdimensions that hastened the hunger of entropy, tearing away at the planet until its maw, grinding to the surface, could be seen from space.

Living chaos crawled from the hole, expressing its anger in truncating fractals of raging impossibility. Screaming like broken steel, it devoured whomever it touched. A drifting collision of angled flesh, the monster was soon joined by friends.


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